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If you were to ask people what they expect when they visit their hairdresser, the kind of response you would expect to hear are “one that listens to them and understands their needs”. However if you was to ask hairdressers what they think went wrong when a client has complained about their hair service, they will certainly say “they didn’t understand what the client actually wanted”.

With this in mind when visiting Hairdressers in Edinburgh be sure that you communicate with your hair dressers prior to having your cut so there is a good understanding.

A good consultation can lead to great results

To clear up any disappointments after the service Hairdressers in Edinburgh tend to offer a good consultation is prior to the service. Be clear with what you want and have a good conversation with your stylist as to how you can achieve that result in your hair. There will be compromises some things may not work due to the type of hair and some things may need a little changes however if your stylist explains this there will be no nasty surprises and you will be no what to expect.

Bring a picture with you to your Hairdressers in Edinburgh

Bring a picture with you. In fact, take several pictures of hairstyles you like to the salon and see what the hairdresser thinks. Hairdressers in Edinburgh have the ability to create many styles but by showing them pictures of  the style and look you are after gives them a starting point and will allow them to have their say for example , “yes, we can try this but your own hair is more straighter  so will look more like this”. If you can’t find pictures of what you want, take what you don’t want! We know this sounds strange but in the hands of an expert it will become obvious to them what you want.

Good Communication is vital

It is really important that there is clear communication between the hairdresser and yourself, do not attempt to use hairdresser speak! We have all heard of “layers”, “thinning” and maybe even “sectioning” but do you really know what these terms actually mean? Even amongst the all the hairdressers in Edinburgh these terms are often misused. If you use a term and it is understood in a different way by the hairdresser you will get their version not yours and probably not the look that you want!

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Hairdressers in Edinburgh