Hair Removal Aftercare & Recovery

Here at the Edinburgh Spa Salon we offer a range of hair removal treatments from electrolysis to waxing to give you that smooth, hair-free skin.

The hair removal treatments can be a simple process that requires little recovery time for those who take the time to utilize proper skin care after electrolysis treatments. Looking after your skin between and after the treatments is vital for achieving your desired results and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin.

Following a few simple pieces of advice this should help ensure you obtain the results you want out of your laser hair removal treatments, while also ensuring you get the best aftercare and recovery.

After laser hair removal treatments, you will probably notice the skin in the treated area to be slightly red and swollen. The area tends to feel a little puffy and irritated, similar to mild sunburn. This is most noticeable around hair follicles, however this kind of stuff is very common and the sensation tends to disappears within a few hours. For some, however, it may take a day or two for skin to return to a completely normal state.

Other things to take note of after hair removal treatments that may help you or come in handy are listed below however this is more for treatments such as laser and electrolysis:

1. Avoid sun exposure.

It is recommended that you do not expose the skin to UV or self-tan (sun beds) for at least 4 weeks before or after treatment.

2. Use a soothing gel.

Soothing products like Aloe Vera gel can be used if your skin is feeling slightly sore. The gel will help to calm down any redness you may experience from the laser.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals

This means no bleach or perfumed products such as aromatherapy oils for at least 24 – 48 hours on the area treated. Also avoid swimming in chlorinated water for 48 -72 hours.

4. Do not wax, thread or pluck the area treated.

You may shave in between treatments. It is advisable to leave the area alone for 24 – 48 hours to avoid any skin irritation.

5. Avoid a hot bath/shower.

If you have had laser hair removal done on your body then it is best to avoid having a hot bath or shower (sauna/steam) for 24 -48 hours as it can cause skin irritation especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you are in any doubt at all do not hesitate to contact your practitioner for tips and if you are very concerned arrange an appointment to show them your skin. The practitioner is there for the course of the treatment and will want to make sure everything is well.

Hair Removal Aftercare & Recovery